Lauren Gayfer launched her career as a nutritional therapist with a private practice, seeing patients one-on-one. However, she found herself limited by two things. She lived in a small town where there was only a small number of people she could serve. And she was family first, needing time to care for her two children. This left her feeling restricted, bored, and struggling to make ends meet . Business coaching encouraged her to create her first online business – a four-week group coaching program that naturally led to her creating a monthly meal plan membership site, The Fairy Food Mother. Though it was simple, it added value for her clients – and she was finally able to turn her passion into a scalable and sustainable business.   Today, Lauren joins the podcast to talk about leaving a career in advertising to pursue nutrition, why you don’t always need to share stories from your own life to connect with your audience, and how even the most introverted people can push out of their comfort zones to build authentic connections and serve more people than ever before.

Key Takeaways

  • How a four-week meal planning course led Lauren to launch her first membership site.
  • Why it was okay that Lauren’s membership site started with just a Facebook group, emails, and PDFs – and how it organically grew into something much bigger.  
  • How to provide value to your audience even if you haven’t necessarily faced the same struggles or challenges they have – and why so many great membership sites succeed by simply cataloging and curating good information from other sources.

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Memorable Quote

“There are limitations to private practice, especially if you’re seeing clients face-to-face. You’re limited by your geography because people don’t necessarily travel that far to see you. You’re limited by the number of hours in your day. Eventually, it gets to the point where you think, ‘How am I ever going to make a decent income out of this career?’” – Lauren Gayfer “Sometimes you’ve just got to get out of your own way and quit talking to yourself about all the things that are stopping you from doing what you want to do. Hit the live button. Hit the record button. Write a blog post and just get it out there.” – Lauren Gayfer

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