Sharon Gaskin’s first job was in human resources. When she got asked by a coworker to help run a training course, she discovered that she really loved it, and it changed the course of her life. Soon, other trainers wanted help, and she started running events where trainers could come together, talk, and share the issues and challenges they face in life and business.

Now, at Trainer Talk, Sharon provides freelance trainers with resources to grow their business and feel connected. She gives trainers opportunities to collaborate rather than compete, develop and improve their businesses, and share experience and knowledge.

Today, Sharon joins the podcast to talk about how she broke into the training industry, why she closed down her side businesses to focus 100% on the Trainers Training Company, and what you can do to position yourself to succeed in your industry.

Key Takeaways

  • The valuable things Sharon learned about herself through public speaking.
  •  What happened after Sharon proposed her membership business to stunned silence at a live event – and how just two committed members helped her build a community. 
  • The biggest reason Sharon believes that trainers fail – and the best piece of advice for anyone aspiring to succeed in any industry.

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Memorable Quote

  • Before we run, we have to walk, and before we walk, we have to put our shoes on.” – Sharon Gaskin
  • You can’t help the end-user unless you can first empower the presenter.” – Sharon Gaskin

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