In 2017, after running a business farming organic vegetables on a large scale, Michael Kilpatrick came to a realization: there’s a massive need for great education in the farming industry. Many aspiring farmers know how to grow vegetables, but few understand how to market or sell their products, build businesses, hire teams, and manage people. He founded In The Field Consultants to help independent, organic farmers succeed in the United States, where the agriculture industry is far more supportive of massive monocrop farms. After realizing that he was providing the same resources and tools to so many of his clients, he launched a membership program. He currently serves about 170 farmers internationally, many of whom have doubled their year-to-year revenue without spending more hours on their farms. His membership service allows him to bring in a recurring revenue stream while providing greater value to his clients — and allowing him more time with his young family. Today, Michael joins the podcast to talk about the unique challenges that so many independent farmers face, how he leveraged his unique combination of skills to launch his membership service, and how he scaled in the era of Blue Apron and Amazon Fresh.

Key Takeaways

  • Why Michael launched his first farm consulting business after his farm shut down in 2015 — and how moving to a membership model addressed many of the challenges and frustrations he faced.
  • The reasons selling is so hard for so many farmers — and what Michael is doing about it.
  • How running a membership business has helped Michael acquire and share new knowledge to help his clients address extremely specific problems they need to solve.
  • The personal action that helped Michael overcome his fears and launch his first membership site — and his advice for anyone thinking about starting one.

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Memorable Quotes

That’s the beauty of the membership site. We can do this globally. All it takes is an Internet connection and we can affect people all over the world.” – Michael Kilpatrick
I was sitting at lunch next to somebody who already had a membership site. They looked at me and said, ‘Michael, you just need to launch. You do not need to be perfect. You just need to get going.’” – Michael Kilpatrick

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