Audria Richmond spent six years in a cycle of launching businesses, shutting them down, and failing to retain customers. Her struggles revealed that the piece missing in her work was effective marketing, which sent her on a deep dive through every course and book she could get her hands on. Now, as the founder of the Uncloned Marketing Membership, Audria helps fellow creative entrepreneurs market their businesses – effectively and creatively. She shows her clients how to challenge the norms and think outside the box while getting real, measurable results. Today, Audria joins the podcast to talk about how her challenges as a creative led her to become a laser-focused marketer, how she differentiates herself from her competitors, and how bravery can feel like fear in motion.

Key Takeaways

  • How Audria found her mission to help solopreneurs and small businesses create effective marketing campaigns.
  • Why there are no scripts or templates in the Uncloned Marketing Membership – and how Audria leads by example when it comes to being different in your marketing.
  • How Audria’s membership site goes above and beyond the typical social media support channels to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Why Audria recommends you diversify your deliverables every other month.
  • Audria’s guidelines for launching, no matter how unprepared you feel.

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Memorable Quotes

“I treat the members in our membership who are just starting their business, all the way to our multi-six-figure earners that are in our community, the same. No one is treated better or less than based on where they are, and I feel like that’s what keeps that human connection.” – Audria Richmond I want most of my members to experience making $100,000, 100% from their business. It sounds flashy, but it’s possible, and I remember so many people telling me it was impossible. I think that’s the gift that I would love to give to my members – for them to experience their first six-figure year.– Audria Richmond We think a membership site is always about the deliverables, but in our world it’s all about customer service and making sure that no member feels lonely.” – Audria Richmond

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When you reframe your inner story, you reframe what’s possible. This is the mantra of our host, Shelli Varela who achieved incredible success, blazing a trail to become a fire captain, author, TED speaker, and host of The Yes Effect on Entrepreneur's list of 48 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs. Today, she uses the same approach to show people how to magnetize their message to achieve their dreams, and discover how they can make a BIGGER impact.

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