By the age of 8, Alicia Forest launched her first business. She fell in love with singing and performing, but the people in her life pushed her toward a legal career. She took a variety of jobs after she graduated college, but nothing felt right. 

Now, at Lively Biz Business Club, she helps people get inspired, get educated, and launch online businesses of their own.

Today, Alicia joins the podcast to share how she transformed her life, the magic of entrepreneurship, and what becomes possible for the entrepreneurs she leads, empowers, inspires, and emboldens.

Key Takeaways

  • The breakdown that changed everything for Alicia – and how she made drastic changes to her life to start living on her own terms.
  • How lifestyle audio plays a critical role in Alicia’s membership site. 
  • What happens when you face – and conquer – your fears.

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Memorable Quote

  • “Your business should fund your life and what matters to you most.” – Alicia Forest
  • “If you want what you want, then you have to do it.” – Alicia Forest

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Shelli Varela

When you reframe your inner story, you reframe what’s possible. This is the mantra of our host, Shelli Varela who achieved incredible success, blazing a trail to become a fire captain, author, TED speaker, and host of The Yes Effect on Entrepreneur's list of 48 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs. Today, she uses the same approach to show people how to magnetize their message to achieve their dreams, and discover how they can make a BIGGER impact.

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