When Tamara Bennett’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan, she was at home with their two boys – and struggling to keep adult interaction in her life. She started to throw crafting parties where her and her guests crafted door hangers. Over the next few years, she created and grew Southern A-DOOR-nments Décor – a Facebook group to market and sell her crafts and party experience. Eventually, this led to her painting her orders on Facebook Live.  Through Painter’s Clubhouse, Tamara takes the crafting party model and makes it accessible to people around the world. Each month, she sends templates to her members, then teaches them how to paint them in two instructional videos. She’s grown her following from 5,000 to over 38,000 in a year! She will soon host her first in-person event to over 150 people, and has been able to afford a much-needed home renovation.  Today, Tamara joins the podcast to talk about learning how to craft and paint by using Pinterest, how she developed her unique business model, why lifelong learners are better customers than one-time shoppers, and her advice for anyone who believes that their niche is too small to serve.

Key Takeaways

  • How Tamara’s in-home crafting parties helped her organically build a strong Facebook presence – and how she discovered her gift for teaching painting when she struggled to keep up with the volume of orders coming in.
  • Why Tamara’s Facebook Live streams opened up an entirely new revenue stream for her business and led to creating a membership site. 
  • The reason Tamara’s business model lent itself so naturally to the membership model – and how she solved the major problem she realized she had in the first six months.
  • Why Tamara believes you should never discount what you do – and why she believes in the power of a single, simple compliment to change your life.

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Memorable Quote

“Do not discount what it is that you do. Do not take it for granted. So many times, the thing that we think comes so easy to us, that is just second nature to us … we don’t realize how many people out there are interested in that, and would love to learn how to do what comes so easy to you.” – Tamara Bennett

Episode Resources

Southern A-DOOR-nments Décor Painter’s Clubhouse SouthernADOORnmentsDecor.com Southern A-DOOR-nments Décor on Facebook Southern A-DOOR-nments Décor on Instagram


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