When Janine Esbrand was growing up, she planned on becoming a lawyer, and she did just that. However, a legal mission trip to East Africa left her feeling like there was something missing when she worked on mergers and acquisitions. This led her on a journey of discovery — and into a new career as a coach. However, she struggled to work full-time in law, build her coaching business, and prepare for the birth of her son.

During her maternity leave, she realized what she wanted to do: help women figure out what their careers look like post-motherhood. At LightBOX Coaching, she helps women make both career and family work. She provides support to moms as they return from maternity leave to their previous jobs, start new companies, or change direction altogether.

Today, Janine joins the podcast to talk about combining your talents to find fulfillment, the different ways women juggle work and family life, and the unexpected gifts of running a membership site.

Key Takeaways

  • The moment that Janine realized that there needed to be something more to her career than just corporate legal work — and how it led her to coaching.
  • How Janine’s maternity leave organically led her to her new business.
  • Why the membership model works so well for Janine’s unique combination of skills — and how you can combine your talents to find, serve, and positively impact your audience.
  • What Janine did when she discovered that what she planned to teach wasn’t necessarily what her clients were looking for — and how she learned to best serve her audience.

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Memorable Quote

Life is too short to be doing work that you don’t enjoy. Figure out what it is you will enjoy and then move towards that.” – Janine Esbrand
There are billions of people on this earth but there is not one other person that has your unique blend of experience, backgrounds, passions, interests, or strengths. You are the one person that is YOU. There’s so many things that you can do that someone else can’t – Janine Esbrand

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