Over the last 100 episodes of this podcast, we’ve featured entrepreneurs in every stage of their journey. We’ve spoken to business owners who launched incredible membership sites just days or weeks before being interviewed, as well as experts who have been doing this for years. We’ve even featured entrepreneurs twice as they’ve made powerful pivots and adapted their business models to match what their audience needs as the world changed around them. 

On this podcast, we’ve focused on heart, love, and innovation, and shared beautiful stories along the way. To celebrate our 100th episode of It’s A TRIBE Thing, we’re flipping the script. Today, founder Stu McLaren interviews host Shelli Varela to share wisdom from 99 game-changing entrepreneurs!

Key Takeaways

  • Why people who launch membership sites are so inspiring, giving, and generous – and how they meaningfully serve others while generating recurring revenue.
  • How Jamie Swanson brilliantly changed her membership site after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – and how to use her techniques and wisdom to make a pivot of your own if something isn’t working.
  • Why virtually no idea is too niche for a membership business.
  • What makes the best business stories so memorable – and how to think about your audience as you craft your message.

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Memorable Quote

  • If you put a canary in a coal mine and the canary doesn’t do well, the problem is not with the canary. The problem is its environment.” – Glennon Doyle
  • You’re juxtaposing regular and remarkable and in between that lives the bridge of possibility. The thing is, if you have something that you’re able to teach or share, then you are the only possible option for them to follow because you have inspired them because they hear your story but they feel their own and they are inclined to want to come with you.” – Shelli Varela

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Shelli Varela

When you reframe your inner story, you reframe what’s possible. This is the mantra of our host, Shelli Varela who achieved incredible success, blazing a trail to become a fire captain, author, TED speaker, and host of The Yes Effect on Entrepreneur's list of 48 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs. Today, she uses the same approach to show people how to magnetize their message to achieve their dreams, and discover how they can make a BIGGER impact.

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