The Secret to Selling to Any Market When You’re Just Getting Started: The Circle of Awesomeness™

If you are selling to any market, one of the best things that you can do is to begin earning trust and establishing your authority.

But the question is: how do you do that?

Is there a way, a process, or a system to be able to go ahead and establish trust, authority and credibility?


In fact, there is a process and it’s one we have learned the hard way—being in the trenches, rolling their sleeves up, doing exactly what we’re sharing with you.

But it boils down to something that we call The Circle of Awesomeness™.

It sounds pretty fancy and just a little bit weird—but hear us out. 🙂

It comes down to four simple steps:

1. Make the Sale

The Circle of Awesomeness™ starts with making a sale.

Pretty basic, we know, but making the sale isn’t the end of the process, as most people think. It’s only the beginning.

2. Help Get Results

After a sale is made, the number one thing we can do is to help our members get results. What do we mean by results?

We usually think of them as the big wins, right?

Like Patty Palmer who launched her membership site for art teachers and just two years later has over 5,500 paying members.

That’s a “big result,” but it’s also about the little wins in between. For example, a little win for our audience would be somebody doing his or her very first Facebook Live.

That may not look huge in the grand scheme of things, but it’s huge in the beginning because it creates a ton of momentum.

And all results matter—the big ones, the little ones and everything in between. Once you get a result, you have a story.

3. Produce a Story

As humans, we love stories. We communicate through them, remember through them, and connect through them.

When people look at facts, or a list of product value, even an accurate one, that doesn’t speak to them the same way a personal, human testimony or story does.

We’ve all felt this.

But we know what you’re probably thinking, especially if you aren’t making any sales right now or don’t have an audience specifically that you started serving.

What if I don’t have any stories?

To start a story, all you have to do is help someone. And in the beginning, guess what? You only need one person.

So identify one person who has a problem that you can help solve. Help them solve that problem. You’re not after them in terms of a client relationship to make money. You’re there for the story.

4. Share the Story

The more people you help, the more stories you create. The more stories you create, the more stories you can share. The more stories you share, the more sales you make.

It just keeps cycling back and back and back.

Once you have a story of how you’ve helped someone get results, share the story. Make it easy for others to find and engage with it.

Tell it in an authentic way that allows people who have similar challenges to see themselves in the story.

At the end of the day, when it comes to establishing trust and building your authority, just remember the good old Circle of Awesomeness™.

Make a sale, help them get a result, then get a story, share the story, and you’ll generate more sales. It’s as simple as that. Easy peasy!

Confidence: The Secret Sauce

Would you ever be drawn to a doctor if you tell them, “Hey doc, my knee hurts,” and the doctor obviously doesn’t have confidence in what he’s sharing with you?

“Well, this might work… Maybe…  I don’t know if that… Well, we could try this.”


But what if you went to a doctor who was supremely confident.

She says, “You’ve got this knee problem? Here’s exactly what you need to do, and if you follow these steps, you’ll get this result.”

A doctor with confidence is much more likely to garner the trust of her patients. Her confidence to lead gives you the confidence to follow her advice and thrive. Win-win!

The same is true for you. When it comes to teaching, sharing, or helping people, when you approach it with more confidence, people are drawn in like a magnet.

And this confidence comes from helping your people get the results they need. That’s the power of stories generated by The Circle of Awesomeness™!

That’s how you build trust and authority in your market. Why? Because the more people you help get a result, the greater you establish yourself as the authority in your market.

More results mean more trust and more people coming back again and again and again.

That’s why in our market, we are absolutely the established leader when it comes to helping people grow their membership sites because we’ve literally helped thousands and thousands of people grow their membership sites successfully.

That means thousands of real stories of real problems and solutions! Each story that we share adds to that authority and trust.

So go… make some sales, help someone succeed, then share the story. Soon you’ll be known as the expert everyone can trust in your industry.


How to start a membership site?

Want to know how to start a membership business around what you already know, love and do? There’s no better place to get started than right here! 👇


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