Learn How This Membership Helps Keep Organic Growers in the Green

Who do you think of first when we say problem-solver? What about industry-innovator? Even life-changer? A parent? A spouse? A mentor? What about… YOU? Michael Kilpatrick didn’t always think of himself as an industry innovator, but, in a short amount of time, he went from being an everyday, independent, organic farmer, to identifying the biggest problems and helping others find solutions in a huge way—with his own membership community. Along the trail, he learned that the average consumer looks for someone to fix their problems. But, the engaged entrepreneur comes up with innovative solutions to these very problems—so he or she can help thousands of people.

Meet Michael

After years of large-scale, organic farming, Michael Kilpatrick knew the industry like the back of his sun-tanned hand. Growing great produce not only supported his family but also brought him joy knowing that his team’s hard work put healthy, wholesome food on people’s tables. But as always, the times were changing. Michael realized that a lot of smaller farms were hurting. Farmers were overwhelmed by modernizing systems and struggled to keep up with the changing market. Many aspiring farmers knew how to grow vegetables, but few understand how to market or sell their products, build businesses, hire teams, and manage people. The people who needed this education most weren’t getting it. On top of all of it, the trend toward massive farms that grow a single crop meant the deck was stacked against organic, multi-crop farmers. Michael saw these challenges and the impact that they had on his fellow farmers. So, he decided to do something about it.

So Many Farmers, So Little Time

Michael had always been good at growing things—and not just vegetables. Not only did he have years of farming expertise, but also years of business expertise. He knew that if his industry was going to thrive, it needed both. So Michael found a partner, assembled a team, and built a farming consultation company. But that move brought him face-to-face with a new challenge. A traditional consultation model required Michael to divide his time between personal visits and communication with each farmer. That meant his audience could only grow as large as his farming schedule allowed. Plus, he found himself repeating the same information to every client. And, the one-to-one business model was expensive for his clients. Michael and his team needed to charge higher prices per customer to make ends meet. Consequently, if a small farm needed his help—but couldn’t afford the personal consult or fit into the schedule—Michael had to either take a loss or turn down the very people he set out to help. There had to be a better, more efficient way to provide value for a growing number of farmers at a price they could afford while maximizing precious time and resources. That’s when he came across the membership business model, and eventually launched In The Field Consultants.

See a Problem, Solve a Problem

It took a while from the time he started learning about membership sites to actually launching one. The potential for large scale growth seemed as daunting as it was exciting. But Michael knew farmers desperately needed the information he had. He wasn’t sure exactly how they would help all who needed it, but his dedication to his fellow farmers overcame the fear of inadequacy. He didn’t have to have it all together—he just knew he needed to get started. Michael’s realization is a common one for people who launch memberships—they spot a problem and solve it. Membership communities are often catalysts for amazing change! (See, YOU can be a problem solver and industry innovator!) Of course, as any good farmer knows, healthy growth starts small, but with consistent nurture and attention, the smallest sprout can turn into a “bumper crop” in no time. Michael’s membership site moved slowly to begin, but within a year or two, ripened into a passionate community—with over 165 farmers accessing and applying his content every day. We did the math and that makes for thousands upon thousands of lives (family members, employees, consumers, etc.) impacted by one person’s leap into membership.

Solving Problems that Change Lives

Using the membership model where clients could access expert business lessons tailored uniquely to the agricultural industry, Michael came to enjoy benefits he never even expected.
“With an idea and an internet connection you can reach the world.” —Michael Kilpatrick
  • Reliable, recurring revenue. With farmers who count on his team every single month for help, Michael established consistent recurring revenue by doing more of what he loves.
  • Customer affordability. His professional consulting rate is a steep $250 an hour. His membership rate is only $37 a month. But now Michael can serve far more clients than his 9 to 5 schedule ever could—and still achieve financial freedom.
  • Incredible feedback. Not only does a membership create a connected community for members—it’s a place to learn about your audience’s problems, interests, and questions. By asking his people what they need and how he can serve them, Michael can easily create content months in advance.
  • Raving fans. Michael’s membership saves people time and money. Most small farmers have to figure out the changing industry by trial and error. Plugging them into a membership with experienced farming business experts helps them to grow by leaning on tested methods in a community of supportive peers.
  • More family time. Without a line of office meetings all day, Michael regularly has breakfast and lunch with his wife and kids. Plus, he can spend evenings with them—while his members access incredible value at a time that works for them, too.
  • Confidence. Michael found there’s nothing like realizing you can really do this. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to get going. Just launch!
“If everyone is an island—or a silo—they work alone. Now with a membership, we have the ability to solve problems on a mass scale.” —Michael Kilpatrick
When Michael went from being a problem-spotter to a problem solver, members saw great returns. Michael and his team helped more people, scale their powerfully valuable business, and made the most of their time with family. That’s how the membership business model can play to your areas of strength to impact your industry and the people you love.
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